People Say!

People Say!

Here is what your fellow community members are saying

“It’s not an accident that ‎Waterloo Region is one of the best places to live. We’ve had exceptional leadership from Ken Seiling . We must preserve it!”
Neil Aitchison – Waterloo

“Over the years, Chair Ken has cheerfully supported the less fortunate in our entire Region of Waterloo.  He is not “a fair-weather friend”!
Gary Foran – Past Chair, Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank

“At a time when many parts of the province are struggling, The Region of Waterloo is thriving. Ken Seiling’s leadership has been instrumental to this success. In order to ensure continued progress we need to ensure Ken is reelected on October 27th”
Tim Jackson – Sr. Advisor for Impact Investing, Waterloo

“I support Ken Seiling because the Region has prospered under his knowledgeable and hard working leadership.  We absolutely need Ken Seiling for the next four years to continue building for the future with the insights gained in the progress to date. A vote for Ken Seiling is a vote for the future.”
Jeane Foster – Kitchener

“I identify Ken with long term vision and steady administration. He has my support”
Jim Beingessner – Waterloo

“For those who have not lived anywhere but here, it’s hard to realize how great we have it in the Waterloo Region.  I am so grateful for Ken’s tireless dedication to making our lives better and building a community where our kids have a future”
Bill Waters – Waterloo