The Best Reason to Vote

The following is an email that was sent out by a concerned community volunteer and tireless contributor to our great region.

Dear Friends,

Please excuse this e-mail. I normally would not send an e-mail of this sort prior to an election.

However, the negative ads and the poorly researched and inaccurate numbers and slanderous statements being promoted by one of the regional chair candidates, has promoted me to write this letter.The Waterloo Region is the envy of other counties and regions in Ontario. I do community orientation tours for new doctors and their families. While on tour, they are always making positive comments on what they are observing. They think this is a wonderful community in which to live, work and play. I heartily agree with their sentiments. I often receive e-mails from the families once they have relocated here and they comment that their decision was the right one for their family. There is no better place to live than the Waterloo Region.

Since 1973, we have been very fortunate to have had three tremendously talented and dedicated Regional Chairs – Jack Young, Jim Gray and Ken Seiling. Each of them has built on the strengths of the previous administration. They have truly been tremendous and outstanding leaders, ones with vision and unwavering determination, and who have worked together for the betterment of all of the communities in the Waterloo Region.

Experience is a very critical factor in the position of the regional chair. With new mayors being elected in the City of Waterloo, City of Kitchener, Township of Wellesley, Township of North Dumfries and at least another four new representatives on regional council, we need a leader who has extensive background with regard to the operation of the Region of Waterloo. We need someone who has a great deal of proven experience and leadership to help guide the new council representatives for the next four years. That’s what I would want if I was sitting around the council horseshoe. From my experience, that person is Ken Seiling.

Twenty years ago, I had open heart surgery at University Hospital in London. Thankfully, my surgeon had many years of successful open heart surgery experience.  He was able to work with and guid the younger surgeons as they became more proficient in their careers.

Ken Seiling has been the “chief surgeon” and I know he will, if re-elected on Monday, guide and lead the new councillors through the next four years to make the Region of Waterloo better than it is now. Ken has a proven record of working with and for the residents of the Waterloo Region.

Monday’s election is one of the most important in the history of the Waterloo Region since its inception in 1973. Never before, in the history of this Region, have there been such negative ads in a municipal election. This is not the time and place for these kinds of tactics.

I am encouraging you to get out to vote on Monday. We cannot assume anything with regard to the outcome.

I am hoping that you will vote to re-elect Ken Seiling to keep the Waterloo Region on a positive path into the future.  Feel free to share this with your family, friends and colleagues.


Warren Stauch