Reports of our Region’s impending fiscal demise have been greatly exaggerated

One of the things I value is transparency in government, and getting one’s facts straight. While nobody is ever perfect, our Regional staff are some of the best professionals in the province. So, it concerns me when the hard work of Regional staff is misrepresented to drum up fear and uncertainty within our community.

There are others in this community who share my concern. Recently, freelance reporter Mike McCulloch started to ask questions about claims about debt made by some candidates in this race – and contacted Regional staff. Regional staff responded in an open, transparent, and professional fashion to his request, and as a result of his research, a local community group called TriTAG provided another write-up of his work.

As Regional Chair, I am proud to lead an open government that is honest with its citizens, and responds in a timely manner to such requests for information.

As a result of this openness and transparency, Mike’s work is here, and TriTAG’s write-up is here. I thank them both for their calm, reasonable pursuit of accuracy.