CBC on the LRT

From an article posted on CBC.ca

“A handful of candidates running for office in the October 27 municipal elections – including Waterloo mayoral hopeful Dave MacDonald and Jay Aissa, who is running for regional chair – are seeking to cancel the region’s light rail transit project.

But if the LRT were cancelled by the end of the year, the region says it would lose hundreds of millions of dollars, both to construction and other work that’s already begun and lost government grants.”

The truth is, that ‘train’ has left the station, as so many have stated, both supporters and non-supporters of the LRT.  What they all agree on now is that backing out would be more devasting and costly than anyone could imagine.  The article on CBC.ca does a great job in correcting some of the misguided statements that are being made on the subject.

One thing that the article does not reference is the damage to the relationship with the Provincial and Federal Governments.  As a Region, our cooperation and collaboration with the priorities of both Governments has enabled us to grow in ways that few others have, or will be able to.

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