Record Endorsements

The following statement was made in the editorial posting in The Record on October 18:

“Seiling is the only person on this crowded ballot who can do the job. This region has developed as an economic powerhouse, one that is less reliant on traditional yet vulnerable manufacturing and more driven by new technology, in no small part due to his hard work. His leadership has ensured that the interests of rural residents have been integrated with those of city dwellers. That this is a community with great heart, willing to do and spend more to help its poor than many other Ontario municipalities, also reflects Seiling’s personal values.”

You can find the full article at The Best Chair For This Region

In a previous editorial, written by Luisa D’Amato on October 10, Luisa makes it pretty clear that voters should be careful on what they are voting for.  She made a point to identify what Ken has done for this Region when she writes:

“As the incumbent, Seiling has a number of natural advantages. He’s well known. Any reasonable observer, even one who disagrees with his decisions, would admit that he’s competent and understands the job.

This region has a lot to be proud of.

Compassion, for one. Regional council committed $2 million in local tax funds to buy eyeglasses, first and last month’s rent, and other necessities of life for our poorest neighbours; this, after the province cut the program.

Seiling also reminded the audience that it was Waterloo Region that first decided to preserve farmland by drawing a “hard line” around the city limits and not allowing further housing or commercial development beyond it.

That policy has since been copied by the province.”