How can one look back on this election without realizing how very much people value what they have in this Region and that they are prepared to fight for it?

We saw this in spades during this election – I was the beneficiary of the work of many, many volunteers and donors who supported me and my campaign.

To all of you who helped, donated, and especially to all of you who gave me your vote – a very sincere thank you. We succeeded, and you helped make it happen. Thanks to you all – I shall never forget.






“Ken has given many years of service to the people of Waterloo Region and has a well-earned reputation for the leadership he has provided. He is seen at many events across the Region, supporting those who do so much to support their community.

He believes that our children and grandchildren deserve the economic security and quality of life we all value and hope to have in the years ahead.”



(If you didn’t donate to the campaign before the election, and you would like to help cover a few leftover campaign expenses, you can still make a donation until 31 December, 2014 through one of the methods below:)

PayPal / Credit Card (click the “Donate” button below)

Donate Button with Credit Cards


Cheques should be made payable to “Ken Seiling Campaign 2014” and should be directed to:

Campaign 2014
Tim Rickert (CFO), BDO Dunwoody LLP
150 Caroline Street South, Suite 201
Waterloo, Ontario N2L 0A5

All donations $100 and over will be reported in the audited statement. There is a maximum donation limit of $750 per person or per company; municipal election donations are not tax deductible for personal income tax.


Ken Seiling is committed to Waterloo Region

• Ken has been a lifelong resident of Elmira where he and his wife Kathryn have raised their five children. He takes much inspiration from his eight grandchildren.
• Ken was first elected Regional Chair in 1985
after serving seven years as Mayor of Woolwich. He became the Region’s first directly elected Chair in 1997 and has been elected in every election since then.
• Ken sits on many local and provincial panels and committees including the Waterloo Regional Police Services Board.
• Ken can be seen giving support to many community activities and functions across
the Region.
• After serving for 40 years as an organist and choirmaster, Ken now helps out at churches
across the Region.

Ken Seiling on the years ahead

Waterloo Region has been forward looking and successful but always mindful of the challenges ahead. Ken will work to:

  • Protect farmland, environmentally sensitive areas, and neighbourhoods while encouraging urban intensification and redevelopment
  • Create jobs and investment through a stronger approach to economic development
  • Ensure a balanced program of building and refurbishing infrastructure such as roads, transit, water supply, waste management, and sewage treatment
  • Expand GO services to and from Cambridge and Kitchener
  • Work with partners to increase the supply of supportive and affordable housing for seniors, families, homeless, and others
  • Deal with poverty in the Region by working with community groups and the Province of Ontario’s new strategies for poverty reduction
  • Push for increased quality childcare
  • Help sustain and build our cultural community
  • Maintain good financial management at the Region and its Triple A credit rating